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To play FLORIDA LOTTO, pick six numbers from 1 through 53. Players win FLORIDA LOTTO prizes by matching three, four, five or six of the winning numbers, in any order, drawn in the official drawing for the date played. FLORIDA LOTTO is a pari-mutuel game: Actual prize amounts depend on sales and the number of winners in each prize category. If no FLORIDA LOTTO ticket matches all six winning numbers, the jackpot "rolls over," and the cash in the jackpot prize pool is carried over to the next drawing. Draws Twice per week, Wednesday and Saturday, 23:00 Televised in USA on 13 stations in the state of Florida Main Numbers Drawn 6 from field of 53

Minimum per draw US $7 Million
Average per draw US $14 Million
Largest US $106 Million (15 September 1990)
20 Jackpot Winners US $25 Million or greater since 2000
Annual Payout - Over One Billion US Dollars Per Year
Weekly Payout - Averages over US $25 Million
Winners Per Week - 200,000

Prize Pool Division
If you match You Win
Tier 1 6 Numbers US $7,000,000.00 (Minimum)
Tier 2 5 Numbers US $5,000.00
Tier 3 4 Numbers US $70.00
Tier 4 3 Numbers US $5.00

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